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We are Denis Widmann Design Studio. A vibrant award-winning studio focused on brand creation and communication, packaging and luxury paper goods. We are deeply passionate about a uniquely tailored design experience with a twist. Our core belief is that everything you do, should be done with love because pure beauty can only truly shine when it comes from the heart. It’s what makes us human and our creations remarkable. We aim for excellence and strive for the best. Because we care. For design. For vivid communication and most importantly for you. Because without you there is no us. It’s what defines us and sets us apart. With love.

Denis Widmann

Studio Owner
Art Director・Lecturer

Denis is an award winning multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer who’s been working in the industry for over 14 years. He holds a masters degree from the University of Edinburgh’s College of Art. Besides working with some of the most renowned brands such as Adobe, Campari or Gmund, he teaches visual communication at the University of applied Science in Landshut, Bavaria, and is the face of Adobe InDesign in Germany. He’s most passionate about brand creation, the crossing points between digital and analogue design and the creation of unique tactile experiences. He enjoys a good cup of tea, likes to discuss trends and developments in design, politics and technology and travels to immerse in new trends and cultures. Sharing a great love for Great Britain, Harry Potter and of course Art & Design, he combines German efficiency and British quirkiness. 


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Tom Redlbacher

Junior Designer

Tom is our junior designer since August 2021 and studies communication design (B.A.) in Munich. He’s an agile and forward-thinking young designer who’s passionate about all the different disciplines of our craft. Tom is most excited about packaging design having just won his first silver Muse Design Award for the collaborative work on the 2021 Christmas Present for our clients. He is hard working and refreshingly eccentric with his ability to think outside the box. Tom is a strong asset to the team. Away from the studio, Tom is utterly passionate for cars, sports and Harry Potter and in contrast to Denis, he’s quite clearly a coffee person.

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Our commitment
to the Planet

Our climate is in trouble. We humans caused the problem, so it is our responsibility to commit to change. We are deeply committed to a greener future. That’s why we’ve taken several steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Our studio runs on 100 % renewable electricity, we use highly power-efficient LED lights and smart plugs to measure and reduce our energy consumption. We've chosen to set all of our devices and this very website to dark mode, thus reducing the number of pixels that need backlighting. Furthermore, we are devoted to using local material and production partners, therefore further reducing emissions. By producing some of our goods in house we are going to new lengths to strengthen our mission and supply you with the best possible experience in compliance with our environmental goals. And for the amount of carbon emissions we can't yet avoid, we have partnered up with Berlin based carbon offsetting company “Klima” to offset our emissions. The service also helps to educate ourselves further about possible measures. It enables us to give something back to the environment through global projects such as the reforestation of the rainforest. For a greener planet and a better future.

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